Campaign Strategy

We collaborate with your team to conceptualize effective campaign strategies that are focused around your performance goals. Leveraging years of aggregated campaign data and A/B testing, we have established best practices that are tested and proven to consistently increase performance. Our approach allows advertisers to maximize the overall effectiveness of their digital ad campaigns across the board, including brand messaging, performance metrics and associated revenue.

Creative Design

We translate creative concepts into superior, top-tier professional designs that encourage user interaction, promote prolonged user engagement and maximize conversions. Following solid design principles, practicing meticulous attention to detail and adhering to our proprietary aesthetic standards and processes, results in high-quality designs that align with advertiser branding requirements while also considering current industry trends and vertical-specific research.

Development & Animation

We bring the creatives to life through high quality animation and interactivity that leverages cutting-edge web technologies, emerging industry techniques and evolving standards. Our executions draw user attention and increase brand awareness, through professional quality animations and special effects that are sophisticated and elegant in nature. We compel users to take action through the introduction of relevant interactivity and contextual functionality.

Quality Assurance

Every creative execution is thoroughly tested so you don’t have to worry. Our exhaustive and in-depth QA process ensures that your creatives are served flawlessly and consistently across all targeted devices, browsers and operating systems, ensuring universal delivery of the intended advertising experience, high performance and full monetization of your ad impressions.

Preferred Partner

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